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Trademark Lovell Group Philosophy

Our Philosophy entails three key components.

#1. Communication

The Lovell Group believes that good communication is imperative to the success of the custom home building experience. Communication is one of the most difficult things we as humans do. Frequent, open and honest dialog is key to overcoming miscommunication and ensuring an enjoyable, stress free custom home building experience. We know that keeping you informed creates a smooth transition through conceptual architectural design and preconstruction planning, budgeting activities, and construction of your new home all the way to delivery. Over many years of experience, we have developed a detailed plan to guide clients through the many decisions necessary in custom home building. We believe scheduled regular meetings with the homeowner, architect and interior designer are a good method to maintain clean accurate communication throughout the team. We are readily available and very responsive to our clients and commit to handle issues immediately and thoroughly to reduce conflict and keep the project on time and budget.

#2. Timely, accurate cost accounting

Keeping a custom home building project on time and on budget takes a lot of effort, forethought and communication between the builder and the client. We begin with a preliminary budget during the preconstruction, conceptual design phase. We work with the client, architect and interior designer in the early stages of design to set schedules for decision making for finishes and components. Once the construction drawings are complete, so are the finish selections. In so doing, an accurate and complete budget can be created ensuring an efficient building process without cost surprises or time delays. Once the construction documents are complete, we update the project budget and create the final construction budget (called the “control budget”) against which the project actual cost accounting is measured. The accounting and billing for the actual costs is the second and equally important part this component. The Lovell Group believes that accurate, open and timely accounting is critical to maintaining integrity and trust, and absolutely essential to the process. We take the finances of our client’s project very seriously, and look after them as if they were our own.

#3. Customer Service

This is perhaps the single most important element of The Lovell Group's success.  The client has full access to the team at The Lovell Group. There is no middle management.  The Lovell Group's business plan was designed from the start with the client's interest first.  In the field and on the job site daily, Lovell principals know what is happening every day - first hand.  If changes can be made to improve a home during the building process, we are usually the first to suggest it.  Because our clients deal directly with a principal of The Lovell Group, Inc. they receive the personal service that few others can offer. The Lovell Group fully understands that without our clients, we have no business, that’s why our first priority has always been to serve our clients professionally, with integrity, courtesy, and respect.